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At the end of the studies related to the first level Academic Diploma in Applied Music, the students  they will have acquired specific technical and cultural skills that allow them to  concretely realize their own and others' artistic ideas. To this end, particular emphasis will be given to  study of techniques, technologies, musical repertoire applied to cinema, general animation, theater and the various multimedia communication systems, to the arrangement in the various styles and ensembles. These objectives will also be achieved by promoting the development of the perceptive capacity of hearing and memorization.  At the end of the three-year period, students will have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the general stylistic, historical and aesthetic aspects relating to their specific field. Furthermore, with reference to the specificity of the course, the student must possess adequate skills concerning the use of electroacoustic and IT tools as well as design skills related to installations dedicated to the execution of the specific repertoire and other repertoires. The training objective of the course is also the acquisition of adequate skills  relating to a second Community language.


The course offers the student the possibility of employment in the following fields: arrangers in recording studios, radio and television studios;  musical professions connected with sound technologies; composers of music for images, for theater and for visual communication; musical professions connected with multimedia events


Study mode:  Full time / Part time

Admission requirements:

  Admission to First Level Academic Courses is reserved for students with a secondary school diploma. In case of strong skills and aptitudes, the student may be admitted even in the absence of a secondary school diploma, which must in any case be obtained before the final exam. Admission is subject to passing a selection exam.

Requirements and regulations for obtaining the title: 

the course is based on the ECTS system. To obtain the qualification, the student must complete all the educational activities as described in the study plan, which includes compulsory and optional activities for a total of 180 credits.

Final test:  the final exam consists of a written paper and a practical test consistent with the educational objectives of the course of study.

Exams and grading system: the assessment of individual achievement is expressed with a mark out of thirty for the exams, or in a judgment of suitability for the other forms of verification. The exam is passed with a mark of at least eighteen out of thirty. In the event of a maximum vote, honors can be attributed unanimously. The final exam grade is expressed out of one hundred and ten, with possible honors, and cannot be lower than the weighted average, compared to one hundred and ten, of the marks obtained in the entire training course according to the CFA acquired. Any honors, honorable mention or other forms of academic recognition are awarded unanimously. The minimum grade for passing the test is 66 / 110.The ECTS Grading Table, published on the institutional website, shows the percentage distribution of the grades both of the final exams and of the final exams, in order to facilitate the conversion of grades between institutions using different voting systems.

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