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Because, in addition to tailoring to everyone’s individual didactic needs, we wish to form a team of students as international as possible that may foster synergies between people ofdifferent cultures and experiences.

The strategy we have always chosen to pursue is that of collaboration and team work, where everyone joins strengths in a shared effort to achieve the best final product.

A plurality of minds and skills, which by interacting and collaborating together, all contribute to the result.


Following the lock-down period Italy has suffered, we have had the opportunity to experiment all the available possibilities so that we may bring the best of our traditional teaching methods to our online lessons.


We are therefore equipping our Cinema classroom with a 5.1 system, so that online lessons may be seen and heard in the highest possible quality and with the lowest latency ratio.


Students admitted to the course will be required to have their own sound card data sheet, DAW and a series of plug-ins.


The master will be divided into 280 lesson hours and 80 hours of work-projects or internships.


Lessons will be online, but our workshops on conducting with film orchestra put at our disposal by the Conservatory of Rovigo will be on-site, and all those will participate will naturally be integrated into the work groups.

All those who cannot attend on-site and in person will still have their works performed bythe orchestra, with our best conductors recording everything and sending the audio files to the composer, who may then work on them and mix them from his home studio and submit the finished product for the final exam.



"I am convinced that this master is the only one in the world that prepares to face everything, absolutely everything, I, who came from award-winning film experiences and who am music supervisor of an Anglo-American company, have been able to see firsthand that this is not simply a "Master", a title that is going to be acquired but a series of great lessons-discussions on how to be professional in this field, I think it is, for those who will face this path a great opportunity to shed light on what the composer really is for cinema. I express my personal thanks to the great teaching staff "


-  Rodolfo Matulich

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