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The Master offers highly specialized training for the composition and management of music applied to images.

The teaching was conceived as a productive path that starts from writing up to pre-production and cinema mixing in 5.1.
Within the training course there will not only be musical composition, but also attention to sound design, audio post-production and the creation of your own personal Sound Libraries. Thus proposing a production model that deals with all the Audio aspects in a Film. This is because we believe that the new figure of the Composer for Cinema is increasingly moving in this direction: a coexistence between musical and technological mastery.

In addition, masterclasses will be held with international figures such as Norman Ludwin (Start Trek, Inside Out, Jurassic World) and Jeff Rona (Sharkwater, Traffic, God of War III, Phantom).

The Master is also supported by prestigious technological partners such as Steinberg, Vienna Symphonic Library, Audio Modeling and Next MIDI.

The professional figures that are configured thanks to the high level of improvement of the Master are:

1) Composers for cinema, TV series and audio-visual industry, silent film festival


2) Programmers, orchestrators and arrangers for music production teams for the film industry or companies specialized in the creation of sound libraries (Kontakt Developer)

3) Expert teachers in the field of music applied to images

4) Collaborators in the planning and organization of the activities of institutions responsible for music production

5) Coordinators of musical projects in schools of all levels.

There are three types of training internships:


1) Compositional Artistic

2) Organizational

3) Corporate

The aim is to offer advanced training capable not only of coping with existing professional prospects, but also of proposing new ones.


For contacts and further information or to make an appointment for an online cognitive meeting:


For meetings in English:  


For data sheet and equipment:  

The Zoom platform will be used for online meetings

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