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The didactic content has been conceived as a step-by-step production process, from scoring to electronic pre-production, to acoustics production, to final mixing in 5.1 with acoustics and electronics integration.

The course will also focus on sound design and audio post-production as well as the creation of your own personal Sound Library, dealing with all audio-related aspects in a film.

We believe, in fact, in the new figure of the Film Composer is increasingly evolving in this direction: a coexistence between musical and technological mastery.


Furthermore, masterclasses will be held with internationally renowned professionals such as Norman Ludwin (Start Trek, Inside Out, Jurassic World) and Jeff Rona (Sharkwater, Traffic, God of War III, Phantom),  Mirko Perri (“La Grande Bellezza”, “The Young Pope”, “Smetto Quando Voglio”, “Anime Nere” e “Romanzo Criminale”), Franco Piersanti, Giuliano Taviani, Gabriel Thibodeau, Gianfranco Cabiddu and with Massimo Privitera and Marco Testoni



Regarding internships, we have gathered several partners who support our programme.

These include some of the most important software houses in the audio world, such as Steinberg, Audio Modeling, and Vienna Symphonic Library; important film festivals or film music festivals as the “Crusa De Mar” of Cagliari, the Silent Film Festival of Montepulciano (Tuscany), and Soundtrack Cologne; as well as recording studios specialized in the soundtrack production, such as Marco Biscarini's Modulab Studio.

The partner companies will offer discounts and/or free licenses for the entire duration of the course, and will collaborate to find forms of internship, including both on-site and remote. Visit our web page to find out more.


Another option will be joining the “Delta Sound” project, taking part in the creation of a Sound Library gathering the sounds recorded in the mouth of the Po river, both on-site and remotely.



ITA-ENG Lessons


Another novelty is that lessons will be bilingual, in Italian and English, with a translator connected live for a truly an international class.




We have also thought of a Tutor figure who will assist students with technical assistance and solving any issue that may arise, to best ensure an optimal fruition of online lessons.

The tutor will also manage video-recording lessons, so that students may recover any lessons they might have been unable to attend.


The lesson scheduled has been specifically designed to be in the afternoon, Italian time, so that it may be practical and convenient to both West and East time zones.

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